No current alerts

No current alerts

Updated Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023, 1:03 p.m.

There are no current alerts.

How will I know if there's an alert?

This website will offer access to current information about emergencies at UAF. During an emergency or crisis, information may be provided in several ways:

For employees and students

Rave system alerts

Students and employees can visit UAOnline to update their information. Please make sure you enter a cell phone number in the correct field to receive text messages about emergencies and extreme weather affecting campus.

Visit the UA Alert Notification System FAQs for more information about the Rave system and alerts.

Rave Guardian personal safety app

The Rave Guardian app allows users to turn their smart phone into a personal safety device. It provides quick access to campus safety resources, one-button 911 access, and a safety timer that allows users to designate friends or family members to virtually walk them home.

To download and install:

Campus and community emergency contacts


Safety Seconds

Seconds count. Take a few seconds to review the Emergency Response Guide. It's information that could save your life.

In addition, the following resources offer specific safety information:

Campus closures

View the UAF policy on emergency campus closures.

For members of the public

Smart911 Alerts

Parents and members of the public can also receive emergency alerts from the university or the City of Fairbanks by signing up with Smart911. Residents of the Fairbanks North Star Borough will also have the option to customize their borough Smart911 information.

For media inquiries

Refer reporters to UAF public affairs staff or designated spokesperson for information in an emergency: